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Best Image Viewer for Mac OS (Windows Like Image Browsing)

Paintbrush is a free Paint alternative for Mac. If you still prefer command line interface over the modern graphical user interface, Command Prompt must have been one of your favorites on Windows. The Mac alternative for Command Prompt is called Terminal. If you take a lot of screen grabs or screenshots on your computer, Snipping Tool might be familiar to you. There are several ways you can take a screenshot on Mac. If you love post-it notes and used Sticky Notes on your Windows Desktop, Stickies are the ones to try out on your Mac.

Similar to Sticky Notes on Windows, you can pin Stickies to your Mac Desktop and put essential information on them, which you frequently require to access. You can also use them for reminders, though there is a separate app for that on Mac. Windows Vista introduced a Sidebar Gadgets which allowed you to pin widgets like clock, calendar, media player controls, etc.

Here are 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac – Getting Geek

Mac OS X has a separate space for these kind of widgets, and its called the Dashboard. Windows has a native data backup solution for creating full backups of your hard disks. On Mac, Time Machine gives you a similar backup solution with a few additional features. It includes apps for note taking, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, email management, etc.

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The Microsoft Office Suite includes Word word processor , Excel spreadsheet manager and PowerPoint slideshow creator and viewer , and is one of the most popular software packages, especially in the IT industry. Apple bundles a similar note taking app called Notes along with OS X. Outlook and Mail from Windows Live Essentials suite are both email clients for Windows, and are very useful for managing and keeping track of your emails on your Windows PC.

The Windows Live Essentials suite includes a communicator app known as Messenger. Apple, of course, includes its own chat client on OS X.

Powerful free image viewing suite with additional editing options

Windows ships with a small program that lets you record audio either using mic or via Line-in and save them as WAV files. Just select New Audio Recording option from the file menu and choose the recording source by clicking on the arrow next to the record button. To start the recording, click on the Record button and click the same button again to stop recording. The recorded audio file will be stored in AAC format. On the other hand, Mac OS X has two applications for native audio and video playback.

And it can be safely said that iMovie is a better alternative as a video editing software, when compared with Windows Movie Maker. Windows Photo Viewer is the default application for viewing photos on Windows.

Mac OS : How to Get Windows Like Photo Viewer

On Mac OS X, an application called Preview can read a variety of file formats, and is the default application for viewing images, PDF documents and more. Windows Photo Gallery is the place to organize all your photos on your Windows computer. It comes as a part of the Windows Live Essentials suite, which is a recommended download for PC users. If you want such photo organization apps for your Mac, there is no better free alternative than the Photos app. Here are a few common Windows settings and configurations along with their counterparts on Mac.

Windows users are familiar with application specific menu bars on top of the respective application windows. So just enlist the most formats you need. I simply loved a lot of things on Mac OS X, but this photo scrolling using arrow keys was the first thing I wanted to fix immediately. So PhotoX is the best Image preview app for me at least.

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Please share what other problems you might have faced with image previews, or if any other app you would like to recommend, in the comments section below. This is a great post. It is very easy to use and have many features to help you to be more productive. With the image you want to preview selected, hit the spacebar. That will open a big floating preview window of the image and you can use your arrow keys to navigate to other images in the folder. Then just hit space or escape to close it. True for regular Mac users.

But the arrow keys are not friendly way to navigate for people shifting from Windows. Based on list view or thumbnail view, the arrow keys dont always work as swiftly in expected direction. Sure, Google Killed off Picasa recently, but the photo viewer app is still polished enough for most people. The Picasa Photo Viewer is fast, stable and still looks and performs as good as most other photo viewers for Mac. You can press Enter key on your keyboard to see any image in the fullscreen mode, and if you need, with just one click, you can start a slideshow.

Still, the app should run fine, and you can always use other services to upload photos to the cloud. I have been using it on all my computers, and it has never let me down. If you have been editing photos for some time, you must have heard about GIMP. It is an open source application that supports not only viewing but it also has airbrushing, fixing, penciling and a ton of other features.

Best Image Viewers for Mac

Next to it is a set of thumbnail images and there are buttons with a set of commands surrounding these panes. GIMP has a slight learning curve if you have never used professional image editing applications. GIMP is the most powerful free image editing and viewing too around. Among all the app in this post, which ones do you think is the best image viewers for Mac and why?

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