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How do I enable Java in my web browser?

All of the settings you can change are displayed alphabetically. Typing a specific term in the search bar clears away all other entries that don't match your target. Another way to search is by clicking on any of the settings under the Preference Name once, and pressing the j key.

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You'll automatically jump down the page to the first setting that begins with "j. If javascript. There's no need to do anything if Value is already set to true. Refresh your browser by clicking the Refresh button. Refreshing the configurations menu causes all of your changes to take effect.

Enable Java and Javascript: Safari

The Refresh button resembles an arrow curled into a circle, and should be located to the right of your address bar. You can also press F5 on PC and Mac to refresh your browser. Method 2. Open Firefox and click the Tools menu. You should see Tools along the top of the Firefox window.

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If you don't, press Alt to make it visible. Click the Content tab.

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The Content tab is a hub of options that affect the fonts, languages, and media that your Firefox browser can display. The option differs depending on the type of computer you use. Method 3. Firefox uses add-ons, extensions, and plugins interchangeably to refer to downloadable programs you can use to customize your browsing experience.

Click Extensions and look over your list of add-ons.

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Disabled extensions appear grayed out, and bear a label that reads Disabled next to them. Enabled extensions appear more colorful. Click an enabled extension, then click its Disable button.

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You can also right-click an extension to bring up a menu of options. Click Restart now near the top of the window. If your problem persists, you know that the extension you disabled is not the source. Changing that setting could weaken the security of your server. Open the administration console directly in a web browser from your Code42 server's hostname or IP address on port Learn about all the features available in the Code42 administration console.

Who is this article for? Other available versions: Overview The administration console requires JavaScript. Affects Loading the administration console from a location other than directly in a web browser, such as: Recommended solution Enable JavaScript to ensure that the administration console performs as designed.

Enable JavaScript in Firefox

Most supported browsers Follow your browser 's instructions to enable JavaScript. Enable JavaScript in my browser Firefox: If your current browser doesn't there's Chrome and Firefox which has it. And even with those installed you should not find Javascript. Should not find it. Do you mean that Firefox does indeed have JavaScript enabled, but it is not listed as such anywhere and that's why I can't find it. Hoping I could find it in Firefox also, because I'm doing my school project in Firefox and it requires that JavaScript be enabled.

Explain please It appears you were looking for files that indicate Javascript is installed. You lead with trying Finder and my answer is simply you shouldn't find it. It's part of the browsers and not something I expect Finder to find. Firefox comes with it enabled. I meant what I wrote. You should see a line that says "Web content: Checked for on, unchecked for off. You should also find a Java Pane in the System Preferences.

If Java Scrip is not enabled or Java is not installed, then the first time you encounter a page that requires Java, you will be prompted to either turn it on or install it. Java Script in Safari,. I followed your instructions and was pleased to see that your advice was entirely correct. I went to Safari Preferences, Security, and found a check box with a check mark in it, next to JavaScript enabled. So that was wonderful. Now my followup question is, how do I find out if JavaScript is enabled in Firefox?