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I want to buy this set but people say sometimes the quality is not that good. Just like Sandra said, these brushes are not handmade, so the quality is much different. The price really is too good to be true. I wouldn't buy them. The difference between these machine made brushes and the hand bundled hairs is completely different. Here are some great brush sets, I gave several as gifts this season and the girls are still raving about them! There are several colors and you can choose a roll or box. They are incredibly soft, durable and far better quality than Sigma. I like the Silk line for professional use, the only brushes I like to spend more money on are natural hair eye blenders and kabuki's.

But they ARE expensive!

Mac holiday brush set 2012 review glamourdaze

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Thanks for reading and contributing! Beautylish is a diverse, positive, and respectful community. The right side contains a brush pocket to house all four of the minis that comes with the set and on the right hand side is a buttoned compartment. I like how thin the bag is as it easily stores in my purse without taking up too much room. I love the way MAC dyed the tips of the brushes peach to match the makeup bag!

The set includes the SE which is a short, round, flat topped brush with soft bristles. This is ideal for buffing powders and minerals into skin or for use with creams and concealers.

MAC Perfectly Plush Mineralize Brush Kit Holiday Review – Musings of a Muse

The is also included which is a brush I reach for daily. The is a Fibre Blending Brush and excellent for use with darker eyeshadows since it picks up the sheerest amount of product and allows to easily build color into the crease.

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This is your basic eyeshadow brush also fibre with soft bristles for easily piling color on. The along is worth the price of admission! Love this brush!

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MAC already launched Holiday on their website at maccosmetics. I won't be reviewing the others unfortunately. I have a few TOO many brush sets so it would be wasteful to purchase more. My brush collection is out of hand lol! I'm so sorry to disappoint! This loos cool as they dont shed..

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I have one too many brush sets so not indulging this year: Apply contour cream precisely with the pointed brush, then use the wider one to buff it into shape. To really meld your contour with the rest of your look, dab the wet beauty sponge over the edges to help everything seal together. When only the best will do, turn to these 14 luxuriously soft, professional quality brushes that will cover every beauty need.

If space is an issue, look to this 6-piece set, which will give you maximum versatility for minimal vanity acreage. Not only will these brushes, with their mix of natural and synthetic bristles, will make you look gorgeous, they'll also beautify your bathroom shelves. We call that a win-win. For the minimalist on your list.

This simple, gleaming brush set, featuring 11 face and eye brushes, looks and feels so elegant, you'd never guess it has such a small price tag. A giant hoard of makeup brushes can be intimidating. This set lets you pair down to the absolute essentials you need to perform dozens of classic beauty looks.

Are Mac brushes in the holiday sets good quality?

We're suckers for something shiny, but gleam isn't the only thing this eye brush set brings to the party. In addition to their vegan-friendly synthetic bristles, the golden handles also give you a hint about what each brush is best for. Looking to Marie Kondo your beauty tools? For your friend who is obsessed with millennial pink even if that friend happens to be you. Add a couple of succulents and watch the Instagram likes roll in. The convenience of storing your brushes in a glass with the dust-defying benefits of a sealable case. This zip-up case will keep the five synthetic bristle brushes inside neat and tidy and makes finding the brush you're looking for easier than ever.

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Too Faced calls the ultra-soft bristles on its vegan brush collection "teddy bear hair. Not only does this piece brush set come with literally every brush you could possibly need, the sleek, quilted storage notebook it comes in will make you feel like a serious makeup artist with its nifty carrying handle and fold-over design that turns it into a display easel.

Quantity isn't the only measure of quality.