Recording music on mac mini

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In terms of storage, the basic Mac Mini comes with a GB drive. But, perhaps more crucially, this internal drive runs at rpm — slower than those used in most other Macs — which will limit the number of audio tracks you can play back simultaneously. As a guide, you should expect to be able to handle approximately 50 to 60 mono bit tracks at Another important factor when considering the Mac Mini, and one that might initially sound a little bizarre, is price.

If you already have a suitable monitor, keyboard and mouse, that's fine. You are here Home Sound Advice Q. Can I use a Mac Mini for music? Previous article Next article.

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Audio problems on latest Macs? Screen sharing software.. Do you work from one point where all the musicians come to you? Or do you move from place to place creating musi? The latter situation requires a Mac that is portable while the prior can do with a desktop. Other than portability, consider what other equipment you will be using with the Mac and ensure that the one you get has all the necessary connectivity options.

When it comes to making music, these connections are necessary.

How to set up a home recording studio

You will need ports to connect microphones, USB instruments, monitors and other equipment as necessary as you make music. The MacBook Air lacks enough screen space and power and is hence not an ideal music production computer. The hardware is what determines how powerful the Mac will be. Here are the most important hardware components to look at:.

Music editing software requires lots of RAM so be sure to buy a Mac that has lots of it.

Q. Can I use a Mac Mini for music?

Since most Macs will not allow you to upgrade the RAM, later on, you have to get it right from the first time as you buy it. Ensure that the RAM of the computer you buy is 8GB or above because anything less than this will give you trouble when doing professional work. This is the heart of the Mac and the more powerful the CPU is the better the computer is. High-end audio and video work are particularly processor intensive.

How To Set Up a Home Recording Studio: The Complete Guide - TuneCore

Go for a Mac that is fitted with the best processor at the time. Avoid low priced Macs that are fitted with weak CPUs if you will be using professional plugins and effects in producing your music. Hard drive: This is where all the music you create will be stored and since you will want to make lots of music you need a large hard drive. But size is not everything. SSDs are fast and quiet in operation. Since getting high capacity SSDs fitted laptops can be very expensive consider using external storage to store sample libraries.

This option however may not be appropriate for you if you keep moving from place to place because carrying everything may be a challenge.

Standard Mac Mini Pro Tools Stress Test

If you can afford it, buy the best laptop for music production that has a high capacity SSD. From writing to mixing you will need to fit many things on one screen.


Trying to fit these on a small screen will prove challenging. So, buy a Mac that comes with a large screen. Ideally, the screen should be more than 15 inches long.

How To Set Up a Home Recording Studio: The Complete Guide

The iMac 27 inch is perfect. Since you cannot spend money that you do not have, get the best Mac you can with the money that you have. Do not expect the best MacBook Pro for music production at a cheap price. Generally, the more expensive the computer is, the better it will perform. This is not to mean that you cannot get cheap laptops for music production. You actually can. The Mac Mini is one of the best budget Mac. It is small and quiet while having the same connectivity as the iMac and comes with audio in port. When it comes to music production, you need to ensure that you get the best Mac.

Ensure that it has lots of storage space, a powerful RAM and CPU while the screen remains large enough to allow you to do all the activities you need.