Mac burn powerpoint to disc

Convert PowerPoint to Flash or Video

Finally, converting to Flash or video is useful for those who want to embed the presentation on a web site or simply show it using media player software. If you have the newer versions of Office installed, then there is a really simple way to get your presentations into PDF format.

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All you have to do is save the file and choose PDF for the file type. In the save as dialog, go ahead and choose PDF from the Save as type dropdown box. By default, it will be a standard size PDF, which means it can be used for printing or online publishing. If you want a smaller size PDF, choose Minimum size online publishing.

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You can also just click on Get Zipped Setup , which includes both files in compressed format. The first method is pretty much the same as how we saved our presentation to PDF format. In the newer versions of Office, you can save your presentation with all transitions and animations as a Windows Media file.

Using third-party software, you can then convert this to flash, MP4, or whatever video format you need. Try to make it as automated as possible without the need for mouse clicks as those will automatically be converted in the video, but the duration will be a default value instead of something of your choice. Click Save and you now have a video of your presentation!

Burn your presentation to a disc - PowerPoint

AuthorStream will also keep any audio recordings that you may have in the presentation. Once you have it uploaded and it is converted, you will see a dropdown for Download and one for Video.

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Under download, you can convert the presentation to Flash and under video you can convert it to an MP4 video up to 5 minutes for free. You can then embed them into your blog or website. If you want to convert the Windows Movie Video to another format, you can use online video conversion tools or third-party software like HandBrake.

Mac OSX Basics: How to burn a CD or DVD

If you want to burn the same files to discs multiple times, use a burn folder. When the disc is burned, the items on the disc have the same names and locations that they have in the disc window.

How to Copy DVDs With Your Mac

The files that the aliases point to are burned to the disc. In addition, if the folders you add to the disc contain aliases, the files those aliases point to are also burned to the disc. If you eject the disc without burning it, a burn folder with the items you copied to the disc is created and placed on your desktop.

To complete the burn process, click the burn icon next to the folder in the Finder sidebar , or hold down the Control key as you click any disc, then choose Burn Disc from the shortcut menu.