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Earlier, when I was learning Vim, I had found vimtutor to be of great help. In my early days with Sublime, I was looking for a similar solution which could interactively teach new shortcuts inside the editor itself. This tutorial is inspired from classic vimtutor.

You will get to learn some handy shortcuts to work with Sublime Text 3.

7 shortcuts of a highly effective Sublime Text user

By the end of this tutorial, you would be familiar with ST's most important and frequently used shortcuts and features. The tutorial uses spaced repetition technique to make sure that your newly acquired skills are well persisted. You have Sublime Text 3 installed on your system. This shortcut is extremely useful for JavaScript developers. It selects the current scope.

Pressing the same key combination again selects its parent scope. The video makes clear how it works:. Use this shortcut to break the selected area into multiple lines, putting Sublime Text in multi-selection mode. I use this trick to quickly convert a list of words into an enclosed array of strings. Use this shortcut to select a column in Sublime Text.

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Put your cursor anywhere in the document, and then press the shortcut to select columns upwards or downwards. This also takes you into multi-selection mode, like the two commands above.

Episode 1 - Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts

I like to keep my CSS properties sorted alphabetically. This command is extremely useful for that. Select the block that you need to be sorted pro tip: No more getting disappointed by typographical errors after the code has made it to the review stage. Use this key to quickly toggle the spellchecker. This is one of my most frequently used shortcut. Marking comments in any programming language is made simple with this shortcut. Want to move a snippet of code five lines up?

Cutting and pasting is really old school. Press the shortcut again to keep moving it further up or down. By default, this shortcut duplicates the current line and puts it on the next line.

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If you select a region and press this shortcut, it duplicates the whole region. This joins the following line to the current line, replacing all white space in between with a single space. Performed on a block of lines, this joins all of the lines together. Use this command to move your cursor from one bracket position to another.

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This is especially useful when you get lost in a long method and want to reach its starting position or vice versa. Use this shortcut to close the currently open HTML tag. It inserts the matching closing tag at the current cursor location. This is the grep equivalent of Sublime Text. If you want to go to a class, method, or function definition in a file, Goto Anything has a similar syntax as going to a line. Instead of colon, Goto Definition uses a. Sometimes being the most productive coder means removing all distractions.

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No other applications, windows, tabs, sidebars, and menus. Sublime offers an easy way to do this through its Distraction Free Mode. The sidebar is useful for showing your files and directory structure, but sometimes you need a little more window space to code. Remember a sidebar will only be viewable if you have multiple files or a folder open. Developers know the importance of indentation because it keeps your code legible and easier to understand.

Have you ever written code, only to realize that certain lines are out of order? ST3 has a time-saving shortcut that lets you move a given line up or down in a document.

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